Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's been happening?

Look what came in the mail today? I am one lucky chica. Two bags and assorted goodies. I love the orange bottle and I will get an appropriate orange flower for my studio. Aren't the bags awesome? I love them. It was like Christmas as I opened that package today. Lucky, lucky me!

Here's Nancy's block that she's chosen for the 3x6 swap this round. She has a couple of Christmas fabric requests. She's got those done! We previewed some lovely fabrics for the remaining 4 blocks she has to make. Lucky people.

I am sitting out this round of the 3x6 but I will sign up for the next one. I need more blocks in my color choices (orange, red and white).

I don't have any pictures yet, but I have been working on the Tokyo Subway Map project. Lots and lots of strip piecing. I have 3 rows completed and ready to be sub cut. Once I started in with the cutting and sewing I felt a whole lot better. It is a lot of work but it is not as overwhelming as I imagined. Of course I am not doing anything else until it is completed and in the mail.

Tomorrow, we are attending the Exceptional Women event in Boston. Exciting....oh my yes. Nancy's husband scored and there are 6 or 7 of us going. I just read that Patti LaBelle (Lady Marmalade!) will be there. I have to dress up. God help me! hehehe I'm looking forward to it. I have not been able to attend for one reason or another but this year I said yes to this first. After all, we are exceptional women, wouldn't you agree? :)

Now on to this hijacking of e-mail. I was so irritated but thankful someone mentioned it to me so I could take care of it. I suspect I know how it occurred and I have taken steps to hopefully, prevent a repeat. I don't know if anyone has noticed lately but there are times when you google quilting stuff and one wrong click (of course you think it is safe and the green check mark says it is) and there is an attempt to infect the whole computer. Honestly....why are these phishers picking on us? What the heck did we do to them?

I guess that is it for my rant on that subject. Sheesh!

UFO challenge for May is #9. For me that is eight placemats, using the same pattern that Nancy used to make her Christmas placemats. I'll get those done. I need some styling new placemats. My Pier One set from 2001 is really getting tired. They've held up well but I need something new. 10 years is long enough and I bought them when I moved to San Diego!!

Nancy has to make a wall hanging. Lots of snowball blocks. It is actually a kit I purchased in San Diego and decided I would never get to it. I donated it to the Guild when we had no money and we had a raffle for it. Nancy won! It was Moda fabric - skiing snowmen. Cute as anything. I can't wait to see it done up. It will look great in Nancy's home.

I believe I forgot to share the bags we each made for our partners in the Potholder Pass 7 swap.

Nancy made the Jane Market Bag.

I made the Keyka Lou bag.

I chose bag only but Nancy made potholders as well. Check these out! They are so cute. They are living in their new home now and the those folks love them. Seriously, what is not to love?

This just in. She's finished her 3x6 blocks for this round. I just know she's doing a happy dance!

On that note, I will bid you all a good night. Did you have a margarita today in honor of Cinco De Mayo? I didn't but I wish I had! hehehe

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  1. Thanks for joining the swap again ladies! I am happy that you are both enjoying this round. You've been busy from the looks of this post! We had tacos for dinner...does that count?