Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tales from the Hive - the Summer Series/Part Deux

Another fine day had by all. My goodness we were all busy. Lots of things got done.
Auntie Barbara is so fast I did not get pictures of her things.....again. I'll get her next week. hehehe

Before the fabric was flying we munched on some yummy strawberry scones that Nancy brought from the Farmer's Market. Delicious. Makes me want to try making some myself. Thank goodness Barbara shared a recipe with us.

Taylor stayed the entire day, too! No bolting today. He was watching a comedy DVD on my laptop. Because.....I don't know how to get things to work on the DVD player with our satellite dish and the remote! Technology boggles the mind sometimes. However, Taylor thoroughly enjoyed himself. We heard the laughter. hehe

Just a couple Keyka Lou bags were made today. Such a fun bag to make.

Em worked more on her project. It is coming along. Maybe next week it will be a full top. (she types hopefully)

I've decided Em will be camera shy for a while. This week we have her feet!!! You will notice a foot shot in the picture above.

Another fine lunch. Chicken salad sandwiches with fresh lettuce from the Farmer's Market. Barbara brought veggies and dip - yum. I have a cold which was slowly taking over my body as the day went on yesterday. If we had other food...oh yes grapes and cherries. Honestly...I've lost my mind.

All for now.


  1. Sounds like so much fun, Debbie!!! Hope you get feeling better! Hugs!