Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tales from the Hive - The Summer Series

And so we begin the summer. Today we added Nancy's sister, Auntie Barbara, Nancy's daughter, Emily and Nancy's son, Taylor. Taylor bolted as soon as he could because he had a chance to hang out with his friend. I don't understand it. There was someone better than us to hang out with. Teenage boys! What can you do? hehehe

So today, I was working on one of the borders of our guild raffle quilt. Applique! I don't do all that well at this particular craft but it is the vine and flower stems. That I can manage. No pics of this yet. I'd say it is rather boring. Auntie Barbara was working on the flowers for borders but her freezer paper would not stick to the fabric so she put it away and will work on it at home. She moved on to her wool applique project. Forgot to take a pic.

Our little Emily was working on her quilt that she started last summer. We are going to make her finish it so it can be in the quilt show in May of 2012. She fights us but we fight back! hehehehe

Here she is working on her squares:

Only the head shot today, kids.....hehehehe Perhaps we'll be less camera shy as summer goes on.

And here is the quilt in progress.

Funky fabric for the centers and this fabric will be the borders. Stay tuned as this is going to be one cool quilt. On and by the way....this is fabric from her stash. Good stash!

Nancy was working on her UFO challenge for June. She got most of the top done except for the final border.

A little bit of progress:

Here's what the quilt top will look like when the final border is on.

Looks pretty nice, hmmmm? Very patriotic and oh, so quick to make. She got the kit from Connecting Threads.

For lunch...Nancy and Barbara brought lunch. Nancy made some lovely tuna salad and we had wavy potato chips (a personal favorite of mine or my downfall - tough choice!!!). Barbara made a lovely summer dessert - lemon pie. I think its called something else, though. Yogurt, Jello and cool whip in a graham cracker crust. Let me tell you, DH will be a happy camper because he'll have a nice dessert tonight. It is delicious.

I'll have to put my thinking cap on for next Wednesday. We've got to eat so we might as well eat fabulous food. :)

So that was our day. It was a pretty good one.

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