Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday Loot

So here are some things I got for my birthday:

Nancy gave me this last week. Don't you just love it? I do!!! It is so perfect. I've seen her working on the candle mat from time to time. Who knew I'd get it? The travel mug is orange!!!!

Here's what I got from my parents. Oh my! Fabulous!!!

It is good to have a gift certificate for my fave LQS. Look, Sue wrote it out in orange!

This was a huge surprise! My mom ordered from Shell at The Raspberry Rabbits. I'm so excited to have this kit. Shell, I'm thrilled to post this here today.

For those who don't know....I also have a rabbit fetish Oops! I mean collection! I have lots of rabbits but not real ones like Shell. I can't wait to dive into this project.

Now this little gem is from my husband. Pretty funny. He said he saw it and thought about how hot I was at our camp last week when he arrived. Its a great little misting fan. Notice - orange fan blades! Cracked me up this morning. If we get 100 degree weather again this summer, don't think I won't be using this little item!!!

Here's the granddog. I think we'll take a walk this afternoon. He's missing his mom and dad!

All for now!

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  1. Happy birthday girlfriend!!! I was away in Savannah on your actual birthday so sorry for this delay! So glad you liked the surprise from your mom. It was so fun chatting with her!
    Happy stitching sweets!
    xx, shell