Friday, July 29, 2011

Tales from the Hive - the Maine edition

Isn't that a pretty sunset? Yes, Nancy and family are vacationing so there was no buzzing going on here this past Wednesday. However, that doesn't mean that people are whiling away their time sipping on a mint julep (who drinks those?).

I know from conversations and seeing work in progress that Nancy was hauling sewing machine and projects with her to keep her busy. Actually, Nancy is always busy. That's why she gets more stuff done than I do.

She sent this picture of a project that she has been wanting to do and got everything ready to go. When she sent this I believe she said (keep in mind I am a senior citizen now) she had 31 strips sets out of 56 sewn.

(Check out the retro table and chair. Cool.)

Let's see it is Friday. Hmmmm....could this be done already? hahaha

So..what did this bumblebee do on Wednesday? Well, there has not been any sewing here at all this week. I did, however, clean the studio. It was looking pretty good, too, until I just dumped a large priority mail box with 2 QJRR projects in it, a my bunny pillow kit from my Mom and Dad, two pillow forms that my Mom gave me yesterday.....honestly....I don't mean to be so sloppy.

Today would have been a good sewing day but alas, I have been busy working on things for our guild quilt show scheduled for next May. However, I received one enthusiastic response so I'm jumping for joy myself. There is still more work I need to do but I'm calling it a day. I need to have myself a life this weekend with my husband.

So...have a great weekend everyone.

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