Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Official

Yes, today I have apparently become a senior citizen. How the hell did that happen? Aren't you supposed to be 65? Guess not....55 has become the magic number. Or...two nickels as my brother refers to it.

On my special day I get to babysit my granddog. Nice. My son and his chickie are moving and so this is safer for little Diesel. Additionally we don't get to go to the lake this weekend because we have to help clean his current apartment so he can get his security deposit back. I guess some would call this task a bonus. I, would not. What's a parent to do, though?

So yeah, today I'm old but I really don't feel old. I will be grabbing any discount someone wants to give me somewhere though. I'll whip that driver's license out so fast....hahahaha

Later, I will have tales from the hive. A special edition. I'm waiting to see if more pictures are coming in.

Let's have a little rant, shall we? Let's talk about the wonderful Post Office. On Monday there was this big announcement about possible post office closures because as we know the post office is losing money. Frankly, I don't understand this. Well, yes, I do, but you know, why is it that we all are supposed to live within our means and the government and post office, et al, do not? My running joke is that just the Flickr swaps alone should keep the post office in business. Heck I am over there two or more times a week spending money.

Last Friday night I ordered a wonderful item from Amy's (during quiet time) etsy shop. Her husband has been making these drop dead gorgeous seam rippers. Yes, in orange, too! So I showed my husband who can appreciate quality craftsmanship. I said it could be my birthday present. He said buy it. So I did.

Amy sent it out on Saturday with delivery confirmation (you know an extra 70 cents). We don't live too far from each other so I thought it would be here on Monday. Nope. Tuesday? Nope. I thought I had done something wrong so I e-mailed Amy. I felt badly about this because now she is wondering, too. Did it come yesterday? Nope.

The tracking number system on the USPS has no information other than it was accepted on Saturday with expected delivery of Monday. I just checked before typing this. Same screen.

Amy went to her post office and they don't have it. So I went over to mine because I had to mail some stuff. Oh my goodness. They get so defensive. I like my postal peeps but lately....well, I've not been too happy. So my guy is telling me there's no guarantee and he was going on and on. I'm smiling and saying its okay. I'll wait. Then he says, "You know someone could have scanned a wrong number and it could be in Alaska before it gets back here. Provided the mailing label is still there." (I didn't tell you that one, Amy) I'm trying to keep a straight face and I'm trying to be polite so I can get the heck out of there. Seriously, I could have gone postal on their inefficiency.

Well, maybe my wonderful item will come today. It is currently out of our control but I will hold out hope.

So...the United States Post Office in its infinite wisdom has us all running around paying extra money for things they do not guarantee. We seriously drop a lot of cash into their coffers and they don't guarantee much. Do I want them to close post offices? No, not necessarily. Post offices can be wonderful places. I know they are not supposed to be meeting spots but you know when you live in podunk tiny towns, that just happens.

They have not adjusted themselves to UPS or FedEx although, interestingly, they have deals with each other. Did you ever order from say, Land's End, and you expect it in a couple of days? Have you noticed that the company ships it via UPS to the Post Office who then delivers it to the customer and not necessarily in a timely fashion. What's up with that? :)

Frankly, I have been waiting for them to stop delivering mail on Saturday. How much money will that save? Do we need mail on Saturday? I don't think so. This country has gone so far off the track that there are no days of rest any longer. So my vote is to stop Saturday mail. Of course they'll do something stupid like picking a Tuesday.

Well, that's my rant. Yes, I want my beautiful seam ripper. Sorry about the rant, kids, but I just had to get it off my chest.

The granddog is not here yet so I might have time for more coffee! I'll be back later.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I am so frustrated, as you are, that the seam ripper hasn't arrived. Heck, had I known, I would have hopped in my car and brought it to you! The most annoying thing is that it is out of my hands and yours and we can only wait. I'm not good at that either. The good news is that not a single item I have sent for my shop in a full year has been lost. Though, one did take 3 weeks to get to Florida. We still haven't figured that one out. I am hoping and praying that it arrived today!!! The good news is that I wrote on the bag itself and taped over it so there will be no label falling off!! If Mark had more orange blanks, he would have made up another for me to drive to you but he is all out of them at the moment :( Happy Birthday. I do hope your present arrives today.

  2. Happy Birthday, Debbie!
    I hope your seam ripper arrives soon.