Friday, July 22, 2011

Tales from the Hive - Part 4

We all met on Wednesday. I was dressed in my outstanding BUMBLEBEE outfit. Bright yellow t-shirt and black workout capri's! Fortunately no pictures were taken but I'm sure you have that awful image burned into your brain now! hahaha

Nancy was trying to get things traced for embroidery projects. Em was working on her cool quilt and Barbara was doing bunches of stuff! Me, I was sewing a mug rug together using my scraps. I was doing this very slowly. Yes, I was lazy, lazy, lazy!

So here's Em's progress:

They mystery continues - body shot this week! hahahaha
Poor Em..I hope she knows I'm just teasing her...

The blocks are done!!! Yay...Emily... This is pretty cool looking, don't you think? Wait till she gets the borders on. It is going to be stunning.

Barbara, as I mentioned, was doing lots. Tracing patterns for future projects and then....she had a zipper and some pretty tapestry fabric ready to sew. Hmmmmmm....she came with no machine. So I said go ahead and use the Bernina. She did....cute bag, hmmm?

Working on that zipper:


Nancy and I belong to another Flickr group with no swapping involved. There are little projects that you can choose to do or not. She had an iPod holder she was going to make for her son. And she did. It's really cute.

Here's the backside of it. There is a little pocket for holding some part of the iPod. I don't have one so I don't understand all the parts of it! Techno geek that I am. NOT!!!

A fabulous lunch of ham and chicken salad sandwiches, chips, potato salad....yum. Nancy brought big chocolate chip cookies from the Farmer's Market. Delish!!!!

So that was our was a good one. All for now.

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