Thursday, July 7, 2011

No tales to be told

The hive was not buzzing yesterday as this bee has been sick with a cold and it is kicking my "beehind". I managed to make my potholders for my partner in PP8 and get them in the mail.

I do not know if Nancy got anything done in her hive. I felt badly about cancelling but I just had no energy at all. Much the same today. I puttered around the studio tidying things up and worked on my shopping bag for my partner for PP8 - a different person than the potholders. The bag actually should be finished but it is not. Almost - tomorrow for sure.

I was looking around at the pics on Flickr yesterday and now I'm kicking myself for not doing the tea towel portion of this swap. There's some really cool stuff being made. There is awesome talent in this world and I'm glad I can be a tiny little part of it on both the giving and receiving ends!

Well that is it for today. Back to my resting state.

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