Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nancy's UFO #2

Here's Nancy's Poodles Noel. Looks just like mine! I can guarantee you that her blanket stitching is so much better than mine! Seriously....that is a guarantee.

She sent me a picture of the vintage table at her vacation getaway. I love that style of table and chairs. Its not to every person's taste but it sure brings back fond memories of childhood. Its so perfect and I do wish that I could have found something like that for my lake house. Of course, if I looked a little harder I might have been successful. haha

I love it!!!


  1. I swear, we had that same table and chairs when I was a little girl, but it was a different color.

  2. I think I had that table too--ours were red originally (naughahyde?) then were reupholstered in turquoise--so many memories! Congrats on your UFO finishes!

  3. We had that table and chairs but ours was yellow.
    Love the block.