Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Separated tales

I have been slightly ill for most of the week. I had to cancel the hive gathering today. I felt badly about it but at 8 pm last night I was so wiped out that I knew I wasn't going to be too much better today. It is too bad. Last day for summer hive tales, too. SIGH

Last week I cut out the pieces to make a bag. This has been quite high on my list for the summer. I managed to get the outside front and back pieced and fused with fusible fleece. Its ready to be quilted. Yep, it is still ready. I'm frozen with fear on what to do. I keep thinking about it and then I freeze. Maybe by next week. Its kind of big to be tossing around the studio as I try to work on other things.

I haven't even finished the binding to the quilt I've been working on. Pathetic. All I can tell you is that I have been reading, paperbacks and my Kindle. I think I am in a funk.

So I want to show you the top Nancy finished. This is the 121 HST quilt. I know the picture is not going to do it justice but the border is a batik and it is really cool.

The other thing going on this month is our BUBK swap from Flickr. This month we have Lisa (miniaturequilter on Flickr) and she sent this very pretty fabric and wanted us to make 12 1/2 inch traditional pieced blocks.

Nancy made and sent hers last week. I made mine today and will send it out tomorrow. Hey, I did do something today.

Here's mine. The block is called Bear Tracks.

Nancy did Card Trick.

I've got the 3x6 blocks to do. I have all the fabric. I just need to choose one of the two blocks I have picked as possibilities and get to it. I did not get my UFO done this month. I may put that on my list of things to bring to retreat next week.

On the Hurricane front, we received Irene as a Tropical Storm. Not so much damage around here at the house. We did not lose power either. Heavy flickering. We were surprised to have power all day. We had to take our boat out at the lake before the storm and hubby says it is not going back in. I'm really bummed about that but if I think rationally, for two seconds, I realize we will be closing up the lake house for the season in about a month. We were lucky at the lake and had minimal mess - branches, twigs, pine needles. Others not so lucky and just a couple doors away. So I'll stop whining about the boat staying out. We were lucky and I'll count blessings.

It is the last day of August. My goodness the summer flew by. Christmas is coming. I have seen Christmas trees out - in July at Hobby Lobby! hehe It is time to start thinking about decorating for fall, buying mums to plant. Actually I am looking forward to a little more structure. I get so lazy in the summer I could be a beach bum!!!!

All for now. See you in September.

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