Friday, August 26, 2011

Tales from the Hive - Irene's heading our way!!!

Tales was on the road on Wednesday. No pics. I had scheduled a Guild Board meeting on our bee day. I know, I am hanging my head in shame.

I went to Nancy's house and I did manage to get a project cut out which hopefully will get sewn up pretty quickly. We also stuffed some pin cushions that Nancy and her sister, Barbara whipped up. I received two of them! Lucky me....they are so nice to me. We plan to make a bunch of these things to donate to our quilt show. Great little stash scraps buster.

On to the Board meeting and it was the shortest in history. hahaha I had a tiny agenda and it worked out pretty well - one hour!!!

Then we hit the quilt shop. I made some purchases for the 3 x 6 Flickr bee. Fabric in colors that were not in my inventory - chartreuse and tangerine. I can't keep up sometimes.

Now we must place our emphasis on Hurricane Irene. What a week this has been for the East Coast!!! Although I personally did not feel the earthquake there were folks in New Hampshire who did. Irene....this is another matter. We have had hurricanes in the past but they have sort of been a bust by the time they got here. This little woman, however, is not looking like a bust at this point. It could all change, though. Regardless, we will feel the effects of this storm in some manner.

Lots of work to do. Batten down the hatches at the lake and then return to do the same here. Fun times.

I'm hoping the rain holds off enough so that we can get to our town's 250th Birthday celebration on Saturday. I don't think it will be cancelled but the fireworks will be somewhat weather dependent, particularly if we have some wind. I'm hoping for the best. This is a big deal. I was born in this town. I am ready to party.

We may lose power so I will probably finish the binding on a quilt. Or read. Who knows?

Nancy sent me pics this week of things she's done and later I will post those so we can look at interesting things!

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