Friday, September 23, 2011

Meet our newest bumblebee

Meet Zeus! Nancy has a new addition to her family. Cute, hmmm?

Mmmmmmm....just had a good breakfast. Thanks, Mommy!

Zeus came with a favorite toy - his pig. The pig is apparently the bestest friend for sleeping with!

I briefly met Zeus the other day as Nancy and I had a quick meeting we had to attend. He rode shotgun with her. I'll have to get to see him more so that we can become acquainted. My husband says I can be a surrogate mother but I can't get a dog! Meanie!!!! hehe

So we did not meet up on Hive day as I became some kind of hermit and never left my house and Nancy stayed home and acclimated herself some more to the newest member of her family.

I did work on my UFO challenge for September which is also a project for The Quilting Book Club on Flickr and may or may not (at this point - not) donation for the quilt auction.

Here's what I have so far:

I am not necessarily thrilled with how it is turning out. It is becoming an exercise in frustration over fabric choices. I walked away from it on Wednesday because I was frustrated. I did a little more work this morning on it. I made the stems and I did put the inner leaf fabrics in one of the leaves. Two more to go and then stitch it all down with satin, blanket or some other fancy schmancy stitch. I walked away again.

I know it doesn't look that terrible but I cannot believe how difficult it is to make a decision on the fabric choices. I have a ton of batiks and this is what the leaves are made up from. I'm usually not like this. I just go with the flow. Crazy. I'm probably thinking too much.

Well, the weekend is upon us! Last weekend we were freezing and this weekend it is gray, cloudy, rainy and HUMID!!! Yuck...

So wherever you are....have a great weekend. That's my goal!

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