Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tales on the road and tales of woe!

Nancy and I had a quilt show meeting this afternoon. It does get a little ridiculous when all these meetings fall on our bee day because heaven forbid a meeting get scheduled on someone else's bee day. We're too darn nice for our own good sometimes. So I went over to her house this morning and brought some pincushions to stuff. She was working on a flickr swap block.

Our new bumblebee, Zeus, is wicked cute. He pretends to lose his back leg strength and slides onto the floor and then rolls over for belly rubs. Too funny. He does snore, too!

So, Nancy is getting a new furnace in her home and there have been some snafus that have caused delays - like the wrong parts in the box and wrong controls. Not her HVAC guy's fault but it still causes delays. So Patrick was there this morning as well. He left before us but wasn't there when we got back.

We went to our quilt show meeting. Enough said about that!

I came home and whipped up some soup for dinner and made salad. Washed all my dishes (because I usually make quite a mess when cooking). Sat down and watched a little tv waiting for my husband to come home.

He arrived and I did not do the proper wife thing right away (hehehe) and he's saying we don't have any hot water. Well we did 30 minutes prior to this pronouncement. So I said I'd better go down to the basement. He said he would after he changed clothes. I went down first. Oh my word! Water all over the place.

So I called Nancy and said I need her guy's phone number. I was thinking I would call tomorrow morning. Nope...Hubby calls right away. Darn convenient that I met Patrick today. Patrick calls back and he's coming tomorrow to get us all squared away. Now poor Nancy has to wait a little longer to get her furnace.

I am so glad I brought Nancy some eggplant parmesan today. I made that for dinner last night and we would have had a really nice lunch here today if all had been normal. I feel badly about her having to wait but I'm hoping the tasty treat will make up for this craziness a little bit.

And can anyone tell me why water heaters only last 9 years? Honestly....who puts these darn things together anyway? Is everything a throw away these days? I've lived here just about 6 years and I had to have a major part replaced on the water heater in the first year. At that point it was 4 years old. Oh well. Life is fun sometimes.


  1. Ah...the irony of friendships! I hope it isn't really cold there, yet. We haven't had to turn the heater on yet, but no hot water??? That would be terrible anytime! :)

    Hot water heaters....planned breakage...more money for the company. That's all I'm gonna say about that. hehehe

  2. Good Grief!
    What a crazy thing--I hope the water mess is over!
    Water and broken things are the theme this week. My son's apartment is flooded because of his upstairs neighbor and they had to take down most of the drywall in his bedroom, our A/C has been a mess and the people have come out 5 times in three weeks, plus the microwave, the humidifier and the exhaust fan over the stove all died this week. Every morning I get up and say, "today nothing else will break!!" Do you think the universe is listening???

  3. Thank goodness it is not cold here.

    Oh Staci, I guess you are feeling the love like us back here. Fun, hmmmmm? hehe