Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tales from the Hive

Well, it is September. All the children are back in school. Barbara is back to teaching. It is just Nancy and I and we moved back to the studio, which basically accommodates us! I had to clean the table off so Nancy could sew. It sort of became a shelf of unfinished projects over the summer. I know, I'm kind of sloppy. I don't mean to be. It just is.

So.....I was so darn busy yesterday that Nancy was the photographer. hehe When does that happen? Well, actually she usually does take pictures but so do I! Yesterday...none.

I had started a bag a couple of weeks ago. I froze on the quilting. Yesterday it was one of those - close your eyes and go for it. Okay my eyes were open. Nancy let me use her versa disk to sit on for back support. I'm getting one of those. I sat up higher and my shoulders did not ache from quilting. It was great.

Here it is coming along in its progress. Notice those scissors. I need to be more careful. Those are the scissors that stabbed me a while back!

Nancy was working on her quilt that she started on vacation. She got quite a few done but she's really only halfway. She needs something like 110 of these blocks. That's a lot of blocks!

ooooooooo.....Orange! Love it!

She was pretty busy with the sewing yesterday. She was tired! haha She's busy all the time. That's why she gets more done than me.

But...I was on a roll yesterday. I really wanted to accomplish this goal that I made for the summer. Here's a lovely action photo...LOL!!!!

Obviously, I was dressed for success yesterday. Lovely. Hey, what the heck - it is me - hand stitching the handles on.

Now for the Quilt Book Club on Flickr we need to do a project of some sort from something published, pattern or magazine, and Nancy has hers all figured out. I do too but once again, must find it. My project will fulfill a bunch of requirements so I must do it. One little project - the Quilt Book Club, Judy's UFO challenge and perhaps donate it to the Little Quilt Auction for our Guild. I'll think long and hard on that one. I might be unable to part with it.

Here's Nancy's thought process and fabrics. She's taking the concept and tweaking it to make it all about her. That's the challenge. It's going to be cool.

After dinner last night I managed to take the 30 minutes needed to finish stitching the handles. I'm done and I'm pretty happy with it. It was a pattern in the Easy Quilts from Fons and Porter. It was the Summer 2010 issue so it is really not a very old UFO.

I think it turned out great and thankfully, Nancy was there to help me through some of those sewing issues. I do not know all the sewing tricks and she helps me a lot. I'm getting better at it. Thanks, Nancy!!!!

I did notice from these pics that the studio is kind of blah. Might be a redo in the future. I did not want white walls but that is what I got. It really looks boring. hehe I have noticed this before but it seemed to stand out. Perhaps a winter project!

So that's it...must move on with the day. Have a good one everyone.


  1. I know how to paint. It could be a not Wednesday project you know. Stripes would be nice!!! hehehe.....the husband doesn't have to know!!!

  2. What a fun read!!! Hi Debbie! Hi Nancy! So fun to see what you girls are doing....and even more fun to have time to really read about it and even comment!! Debbie, you are my kind of gal!! You must be very creative!!! I am a 'stacker' as well. hehehe I want to be like Nancy when I grow up - productive! :) Her fabrics for the quilting book club look wonderful. Can't wait to pop over and see what she is doing! And hurry up and find yours...I am excited about this one. I was kind of surprised to see what I actually came up with. :) Oh, and your bag is fabulous!!! I do want to make a bag...sometime! :) Hugs!