Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tales from the Hive

A most productive day for Nancy and I. As I think back on the day, it really was a good day.

I'll start a little back in time. I went on retreat with 7 other guild members this past weekend. Only thing missing was.....Nancy! I'm working on her for next year. I had a riot. Lots of laughs and there was sewing as well! I managed to make 5 pincushions that we will be donating to our Guild for the Quilt Show boutique in the spring. Nancy, Barbara and I are each making 8 so we can donate 2 dozen. No pics right now. I also made 3 friendship stars using my floral fabric and the Guild's background fabric. These will be sold as kits at the show. I made 4 of my 3x6 block and finished the binding on a quilt that was long overdue to be finished. It was a gorgeous weekend and a very nice place for a retreat. It was good to get away from the hustle and bustle of life for a couple of days.

Back to today. I finished the final 3x6 block (having made #5 yesterday) and they will go in the mail tomorrow. Here's a pic of one of them. This is for the Hive Mama.

I saw this block on Amy's blog (During Quiet Time) and I liked it so much that I thought it would be a cool block to do. It was.

Nancy and I are on a group on Flickr called Quilting Book Club. I think it is still evolving but everyone seems to be moving along nicely. I completed last week's bag as one of the projects for the group. It was the July project but I finished it late, I think. No matter. So anyway.....The project is "ME". Basically using a pattern or book that most represents our own personal style.

I have my pattern and we have until October 15th for a finish so I'm still feeling okay. This is my pattern and I will be making some reasonable facsimile of it. Its artsy so it will be fun.

Nancy was quite creative. So I have this book called Stitch and Split and Nancy has borrowed it with the intent to do a particular quilt in this style. She was working on it today. It is an original. There are no peaches in the book. You will note the pears. I actually have that quilt. When I moved back here from San Diego, my friend, Ellen, made it for me. I had been collecting batiks for months to make it. That's okay. I still have the collection of batiks and a pretty cool pear quilt!

Here's the first block:'s more progress:

There was more progress but we had to eat lunch photos yet. I will vouch for the fact that this little quilt is going to be tres cool!!!! She will have to sign it!!!!

I'm making a quilt for my California King (honestly - huge) bed. I'm doing a mystery quilt and we have 3 clues so far and I had not done any. I needed to start to catch up. So I finished clue 1 today and hope to do clue 2 tomorrow sometime.

The strip sets in the background are clue 1 and the yardage is for the strip sets in the next clue. I love the fabric. It is very zen. hehehehe

Well, Nancy and I have been seriously busy, that's for sure. It is a good feeling.

All for today.

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