Sunday, October 30, 2011

17 inches and no power

Thank heavens for generators. My husband hooked up the router so we could get on the laptop for news. I have no idea when the power went out or when it will be back on. We woke up to 17 inches of snow.

I just scanned around the news for some of the snow totals and they ranged from about 5 inches to as much as 25 inches. I guess this was historic. It is just way too early for this and we are hoping this is not what the winter will be like.

Nancy, too, is without power. According to the news station her town got 14 inches. She may have a little more. Elevation plays a role in all of this accumulation. Nancy has trees down as well. We did not have any trees down. We did take a ton of trees down last December and early spring. That helped us, I'm sure.

Well, all for now. Might just as well curl up with a good book today. Can't sew on the machine.

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  1. Keep warm, Debbie! What a crazy way for winter to begin.