Saturday, October 29, 2011

This is ridiculous

It started to snow about 30 minutes ago. It is snowing like heck and everything is already coated. Really, this is crazy.

We spent the morning taking in the remainder of outdoor plants and chairs as well as raking up the leaves. Let me tell you it was freezing cold! The plants finally died last night. This was our first killing frost and now a major nor'easter. I am a little worried about the winter.

I am planning a lovely chicken pot pie for tomorrow and hope that I have power. I am using a recipe from the Food TV magazine. I love that magazine. I have made the dough for the crust, plucked the rotisserie chicken and simmered my chicken broth in the bones. Let's hope I can cook the darn thing because it will be the perfect meal for tomorrow.

I also made an apple-molasses spice cake from the Real Simple magazine. My house smells wonderful right now. Hope it tastes good.

Well, that's it. Going back to the cocktail and watching it snow with my husband!!! Stay safe and warm!

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