Thursday, October 27, 2011

A lovely lunch

Today was a crappy weather day. Rain and cold - downright awful. It is now snowing. UGH!

The bright spot in the day was a little road trip to Pickity Place ( in Mason, NH. Nancy, Mary, Olivia and I had a reservation for lunch. Olivia had never been and I had only been once years and years ago with my husband to visit the gift shop. Let me say that this place is more of a woman's place, particularly for the 5 course gourmet herbal luncheon.

The place is over 200 years old. They have acres of gardens and unfortunately today was not the day for viewing but it was still pretty. We might have to get there in the spring for some herbs!

The cottage built in 1786 was used for the illustrations of the childhood classic Little Red Riding Hood. So when you walk in there is all this Little Red Riding Hood stuff. You look through a doorway and there is a big bed and the big bad wolf is dressed as Granny in the bed. Too cute!

Lunch was delicious. Here is what we had to eat:

Boursin Spread with crackers
Creamy Pumpkin Apple Soup with Clove
Root Vegetable Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette
Cinnamon Swirl Bread
Herbed Chicken Fricassee over Red Beans and Rice (Nancy, Mary and Olivia)
Baked Stuffed Mini Pumpkin with Arborio Rice and Dried Fruit (Me)
Maple Ginger Roasted Vegetables
Chocolate Nut Bar (aka a brownie in my world) with a tiny scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, Frangelico Cream and a drizzle of caramel.

Let me tell you it was delicious. I had pumpkin pie spiced coffee and Nancy and Mary had raspberry orange tea. Olivia had Mocha coffee. We hit the gift shop afterwards and we were able to purchase the tea and I bought the pumpkin pie spice for coffee as well. I also bought the boursin mix and some thyme. I love thyme - it is my favorite spice.

I plan to have some sort of herb garden or container garden next year and this trip reinforced my desire to have fresh herbs at the ready.

It was a nice outing and we now have our frequent flyer card - go 6 times in one year and get the 7th lunch free. At $21.95 plus tax free is good. So...there will probably be more trips in our future!

In other news I'm still waiting for word on the baby. I have decided to quilt the quilt myself. I have to piece the backing and rather than freak out over that to make my longarmer happy I decided I will do it. I've got it all figured out. haha
So this weekend I will be quilting. I have batting but I think it is craft size and not crib size. I'll pick that up tomorrow. I'll save a ton of money doing this myself.

That is all for today. I'm well fed and happy. I think I'll go see how that snow is doing! hehe

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