Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tales from the Hive X 2

Nancy, Zeus and I did get together last week and I managed not to post. We did do some work. Nancy was working on her October UFO and I started on a baby quilt. The baby is due November 1st. Here are some pics of last week's progress.

Nancy's striped table runner:

My baby quilt progress for the day from fabric to blocks:

This is what Zeus did: PIG PLAY

Today, (well actually Wednesday since this is Thursday and I'm slow as a snail!) we were working on finishing things up. Zeus did not bring projects today. We were working inside the studio and I had to do some slight rearranging because we had to turn the heat on in the room. It has been darn cold in our neck of the woods lately.

Here's what Zeus did today:

complete with snoring and maybe we should start making you tube videos! haha

Nancy managed to get her holiday napkins finished and got the quilting done and the binding stitched on the striped table runner. They are really lovely in person.

I have some beautiful holiday fabric to make some of these napkins for my family and hopefully in November I will get to them.

I finished the baby quilt top. I love it. Sometimes I worry about putting my signature color in a quilt but I think it works great.

Some might think this is too much for a baby but I really like bright things for a baby rather than soft and subtle. That's just me.

I made stuffed cabbage on Sunday for my husband. A little tribute to the Polish heritage and Nancy and I had that for lunch today as well. Yummy, yum, yum!

Around 6 pm I checked my e-mail and had a note from my friend who informed me that the Mom of the baby quilt recipient is in labor. Holy smokes! Got that top done in a timely fashion! hehe As of this morning, I have not heard so maybe sometime today I will know if it is a boy or girl. today's forecast: SNOW!!!! Nooooooooooooooooo!!! hehe Oh my, it is too soon. I told you it has been cold here.

Have a warm day wherever you might be!

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  1. Snowing here in Salem NHToo! Sounds like u all had a great luncheon! I will keep that place in mind for a day trip!!