Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 4 - I'm sounding like a broken record

Thank goodness this is my blog and I can cry if I want to.....

When I woke up this morning I saw lights and I thought we got power back but then I heard the hum of the generator. Depressing.

So yes, we are in Day 4 of no power except for the generator power which allows me to get on the laptop. At least I can stay connected somehow. On the advice of a Facebook friend who lives in the next town over I called our utility company shortly after 6 am this morning. She was very nice and assured me I was not forgotten. However, she checked the restoration list for my town and said the town was expected to be fully restored by Friday night at midnight. While this does not necessarily mean me, it could. I wanted to cry and actually shed a couple of tears before bucking up.

Hubby's work power was restored so he was off and I was left with instructions on how to run the generator. Oh joy!

It was nice to have him home the last couple of days except for the part where he rearranged a couple of my kitchen cabinets. He was also chopping down the woods behind our house to get rid of baby tress that could grow into giant trees. Then he had a little bonfire. He needs to keep busy, apparently. I read a book on my kindle.

We've been creative with the power since it has been out. Monday night I cooked hamburger and rice a roni on the gas cooktop. I also made a salad. It was a decent meal. Not great but it was nutritious (the salad) and warm (the meat/rice). Last night we took it a step further. I did not want to go to a restaurant because we have no idea who has power and who doesn't. I had planned this fabulous meal for Sunday and had done several prepping steps for it. It was going to have to be tossed if we didn't figure out how to cook it. So....

Extension cord for the gas oven. It worked. I used a million dishes and he washed them all but I did manage to make a chicken pot pie from the Food TV magazine. It must have a million calories (they do not list that info!!!) but it was good. I had not wanted to make it because it was starting to lose its appeal but I did not want to throw away all that I had prepped.

So I am managing although if we don't have power tonight guess what we are having for dinner? I might throw in a salad as well.

I'm frustrated because I have not been able to quilt and I have deadlines looming. Yes, they are somewhat self imposed but I really need to get things done before the November 8th.

Nancy has power but I really cannot go there today. Maybe we can take a little road trip to the Quilt Shop for clue 5 of the mystery quilt. My husband encouraged me to go do something but then I have to shut down the generator and put it away. Yes, word came yesterday that people are stealing generators. Well, I am not surprised.

Oh well, all for now. I'm sorry if I'm whining. I am grateful for what I have right now but it is just wearing thin.


  1. No fun. I truly hope your power is restored today. Good luck and best wishes!

  2. Debbie best wishes for power as soon as possible!