Thursday, November 3, 2011

Houston, we have power

Yipee....sometime between 2 - 2:30 am this morning we got our power back. I woke the husband and we high fived. Looking back on that it was a rather silly moment. hehe

So I've been up since 5 am assessing what needs to be done here. I've got laundry going. Isn't it funny how laundry piles up quickly? Well, let's remember the husband chopping down the woods and having a bonfire can create a few dirty pairs of jeans and shirts.

I will probably run the dishwasher and get that over with. I need food. We actually ate all the leftovers we had in the fridge and the only leftover is the famous chicken pot pie. I served that last night (as I said I would) with a salad. We need something better tonight.

After talking with Nancy for a while yesterday the plan was that I go downstairs to the studio and get some things to cut out upstairs in daylight. That did not work. I took my battery operated light and still could not see anything. That bummed me out so I came upstairs and read. I read two books in two days and I think it kept my mind off of other things.

Denver, Colorado had a blizzard yesterday and I saw news footage on the news this morning. Now I know Denver gets a lot of storms but I recall thinking when we got this crazy storm on Saturday that it felt like we were in Denver. My hearts goes out to those folks. I wonder if they lose power. Maybe not so much. Utilities are a lot more progressive the farther west one travels.

We took pictures of the storm on Saturday and Sunday and I have not downloaded them (for obvious reasons) and when I have time I will do that today.

All for now. Off to plan the rest of my day. Have fun everyone.

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