Thursday, December 22, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

We had our guild holiday potluck luncheon on Tuesday. It was very nice. Our Program Chair did a great job. Every table was decorated and it just felt nice to walk in and see all of it. I feel we haven't been having any fun lately but this was nice. Don't think there was not any drama, because there was, but it was minimal. hehe Drama - always so much fun, NOT!!!

I would have loved to have won the Block of the Month this time around because it was pretty. The block was Broken Dishes done in golds and holiday fabric. I made mine last Sunday and to help Nancy out I made hers as well. Nancy's mother-in-law passed away last week and she just had so much to do. It was a small thing but I was happy to do it.

Mine is on the left and Nancy's is on the right.

Our good friend, Emisue, was lucky enough to win them and I believe there were 26 blocks total. Sweet!!!

We opted for a handmade gift this year. Handmade by yourself or someone else. I decided to make a fabric wreath. I thought it was lovely.

Our good friend, Emisue, received this gift. Lucky woman on Tuesday, that's for sure! I do hope she likes it. I'm going to make one for myself for next year. I only have my fall wreath. Seasonal decor required!!!

Here are some happy campers at my table:

From left to right: Emisue, my Mom, Char and Jill.

I guess they were paying attention to Cary, our Program Chair. See all those blocks behind her?

It was fun and there was sooooo much food to eat. I felt like a little piglet by the time I went home!

Well, it is time to start finishing up. I've given up on lots of things. I'm a bit sad about that but life is just too darn crazy. I've not made any cookies which is a normal activity around here at the holidays. I'm almost done wrapping gifts. Hubby will be home tomorrow so that must get done today.

I've got to get my UFO list for 2012 together early next week. Yesterday I folded all of my holiday fabric so that it fit neatly in the two bins. I have a lot of holiday fabric. I don't know how that happened. hehe I need to clean and organize the room next week also so that it is more functional for me and for Nancy when she comes over to sew on Wednesdays. We haven't had a Wednesday bee all month, I think. So much going on. I think we are looking forward to a calmer 2012.

All for now. Have a great day. There's snow in the forecast for tomorrow morning so we may have a white Christmas after all.

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  1. Merry Christmas Debbie! Please extend my sympathy to Nancy when you talk to her. Poor thing. Loss at this time of year is so hard. Mark is at a family funeral at the moment in fact. I am home because the kids are still in school and one is home sick...