Thursday, December 29, 2011

Now that the list is out of the way...

So..., Debbie, what's been going on?

Well, December has been a very difficult month for me. I do wish that I could have enjoyed the holidays a little more this year. Lots of drama in my household that just sort of set me in downward emotional spiral. We did have a pleasant Christmas Eve with our friends and Christmas Day was nice with family. My brother is home from California this week and it was nice to see him on Christmas Day. But....the trees are down and put away, as are the outside decorations. There are wreaths and some little things to be put away which will happen this weekend.

I am glad that we got to see some of our other friends in December. We all struggle with commitments during the hectic frenzy that can be the holidays but we all came up with a plan and scheduled in the time. So that worked out great and the weather never played a factor into the plans. Fabulous. I'm not a big fan of the snow unless I'm sitting inside watching it fall!

Speaking of snow....still nothing here. A few left over shovel mounds from the last nonsense storm but that is it. I think over the weekend we have something coming but again, not too much.

I visited Nancy yesterday for a little while. It has just been so crazy for both of us that we have not had our usual Wednesday bee day. Next week we will try to resume normal. Fingers crossed!!!!

Nancy gave me this really cool mosaic mirror for Christmas and some wicked cool coasters. The mirror will go up this weekend in the living room. We found a good spot for it. It is orange! I'll post a pic when we put it up.

I also spent some time yesterday tidying up the studio. More to be done there so that we don't trip and kill ourselves. I need to get everything off the floor. I have two shelving units in the room but they are just jam packed. I'm also housing the Guild's sound system for a couple of months and that is just taking up way too much space in the room.

It has been nice not having any swap project deadlines looming in December and I am happy about that. I do need to do 16 or 24 string blocks for a Flickr swap and get those out next week. That should not be hard to do.

I'm hoping to make a fresh start in 2012 where I spend time doing something everyday. Machine or handwork. I also want to further the knitting practice. I do enjoy doing that when I can actually sit down and focus.

I've loaded up my Kindle again with some books and will find time to read. I think I have 5 new books. I'm a pretty frugal (cheap, really) shopper for books on Amazon. Free is good and I'm okay with 99 cents, if I have to pay it! haha I do still read paperbacks that my mother will pass on to me but I do like my Kindle.

Nancy will be working on her 2012 UFO list. I reminded her that time is running out.

I need to make a "little quilt" for our auction at the Quilt Show in May. I need to have it done by March. I know what I plan to do and just need to get all the parts and pieces together to do it. These quilts are not miniatures. Maximum size is 36 inches square or a total of 144 inches all the way around. So it could be a round quilt!

I received a $25 gift certificate to the local shop for Christmas from my mother. Yesterday, while I was organizing the 2012 UFO challenge I found a $50 gift certificate for the same shop in the gift I received for my birthday. I had no idea it was there. Oh happy day!!!! So I now have $75.00 to spend. I will be spending wisely.

Well, that's about it from this corner of the universe. I need to go and pick up some groceries and spend a little time in the studio. Dinner is made - stuffed shells coming out of the freezer to the oven tonight. I knew that extra tray of shells for a reason after Thanksgiving.

Have a great day everyone.

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