Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January - Its a wrap

UFO #5 is complete. It is a gift for a friend in Washington State and I will wrap it up and send it off sometime next month.

Now I need to explain to myself why I made this top in the spring of 2011 and stuck it on my UFO list for 2012. Honestly...it took no time at all to quilt it. Well, a finish is a finish and I'm happy for that.

I also had the little side challenge for myself to make the little Block of the Month quilts. I'm impressed with myself because I finished Willie the snowman earlier in the month. He was the January block.

Today I am pleased to introduce....Ted E. Bear!

Ted is the February block in this series. I had a lot of fun making him. I did not like the facial layout of the pattern so I spent a little more on personalizing him to give him a personality. I think he came out kind of cute.

If you are wondering if these are the names of the cuties on the pattern the answer is no. I have a tendency to name things and Willie and Ted E. just popped into my head.

I have been very, very busy this month with various projects. I am currently hand stitching the binding on my little table topper that I made for me and Ted's binding will be next. All of these projects have saved my sanity this month. I'm grateful for that aspect of quilting.

Nancy, too, was a very busy woman. She gave 3 quilts to the longarm person last Friday. She's going to be going into baby gift land as she has to make at least two (but I think 3) baby quilts. She's also going to make a little table topper for herself and one for her sister-in-law. She's going to kill me for listing these. You know, it is all stress free. hehehe

I'll be anxiously awaiting the February number for the UFO challenge. I must complete my potholder pass 10 obligation. I think I may do that first as I have the fabric already set aside. I've also got to make another 16 (+1) string blocks for the Mini Scrap Basket Swap on Flickr. I will also make the March block in the monthly series. I'm sure there are a zillion other things I can do and thankfully there are 29 days in February this year. An extra day to do things.

Nancy and I had changed our bee to today because there is a meeting tomorrow. Nancy is on the committee and I was going to go just because I'm the Prez. I've decided against going and Nancy could not come today. Last minute emergency. Bummer for us. I think Tales is going to be on hiatus this week. That's not to say that we won't be doing things.....

So that's a wrap for January. We barely have snow on the ground. It hasn't been a totally terrible winter so far except for the freezing rain adventures. February will probably slap us in the face with cold and snow but it is supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow!!! Not a bad start.

Have a pleasant remainder of January and I'll be back next month!!!


  1. Fun finishes! Congrats! I'll be looking for your next BOM.

  2. Great finishes for your - love this challenge. Judy C