Monday, January 16, 2012

We are on a roll!!!!

We had a break from swaps in December and I will say that is was a welcome break. Nancy will agree, I am quite sure. It has been a good break and creatively, we have been ready to get back at it.

We received fabric last week from Cindy (aka playswithneedles). It is Cindy's month in the Bee Unique Bee Knotty Swap. Cindy has plans to make a bathmat for her aunt and I think, one for herself, if enough people do two blocks. This is a very unique idea and she wanted a seaside theme - shells, fish, etc.

After pondering I had figured out mine and told Nancy. Nancy had hers figured out as well. The goal was to get them finished quickly. Keep in mind that BUBK monthly runs from the 15th to the 15th. Cindy got her fabric to us a litte early. Nancy sent hers on its way home on the 14th!!! hehe Mine will go out this week - before Thursday for sure.

We had fun with our interpretations of what Cindy wanted from us.

Here is what Nancy's decided to do:


times 2:

I decided to do a crab based on the little BOM series I am doing this year. I made two also. One for Cindy and one for her Auntie!

So much fun to make today. It was nice to do this in a relaxed mood. I hope Cindy likes our interpretations for her.

Nancy and I both received our partners for PP10 this weekend. I'm psyched to get on that and get it done as well. Nancy is too! We may be working on these projects as early as this weekend. Who knows? I think we're just enjoying the moment.

What did you do today?

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