Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tales from the Hive - Week 3 of 2012

Yes indeed! We are still on a roll. Nancy and Z-man came over today. We had a slightly slow start to the day but that's okay. We accomplished things.

Today I decided before any more time passed this month I needed to get UFO #5 finished. I got the quilting done and the binding on. Hand stitching is left and that will be relatively quick.

Here is the little table topper ready to have the love put into it.

Nancy has finished Em's quilt and we won't be seeing it until again until it is quilted. Next up is the quilt for her husband. This was also supposed to be a Christmas gift but as you may recall....well, things got delayed and all for very good reasons.

Nancy was cutting out all the pieces to this quilt. She had math questions that I could not even process today. Yep, I felt kind of stupid but I guess my thinking cap was askew! hehe If you look back at my table topper you will see piles of squares in blacks/whites. Those will be part of Nancy's quilt.

She made one total block and here's a sneak peek:

I think it is going to be really cool. That block went together pretty quickly. Then some dicing and rearranging and putting it back together. There will be plenty of pops of color in this quilt. She has 11 more blocks to go. Stay tuned.

I managed to get my Block of the Month for February cut out. It is an hourglass block done in white/light pink/dark pink. I think it will make for a lovely quilt but of course I won't get to see the total potential until our February Guild meeting. I can't believe I am going to be finished so early. It will probably be done tomorrow.

We had a lunch that was a casserole (baked spaghetti)that I made on Sunday. It was actually tastier today. You know how it goes with those casseroles - they always taste better the day after.

Your weekly Zeus:

Yes, he was doing his usual and noticed he's covered by his quilt. Darn cold and windy here today! hehe

We had our guild meeting yesterday. I did not win the BOM (Amish Diamond) although I sat through the meeting designing it in my head. My Vice-President actually made a block with orange and it was an eye popper. She said she made it for me! haha I said I could not bring myself to do one in orange although I wanted to. I try to think of others and not myself! hahaha

One of our members, Trudi, during the Show and Tell portion, announced that she had successfully met a goal last year. She did not buy any fabric for herself the entire year. WOW!!! Impressive. The fortitude to not purchase. I am in awe. She did mention her husband had given her a gift certificate to the LQS and she was quite happy about that.

Nancy and I don't think we could do that. We could try but we both know we'd cave. We are trying to be practical though and do manage to pull from the bins before we make purchases. So I think we are doing pretty well. We'll see how our year progresses.

We had a guest speaker yesterday and one of our favorite people from MA came up to provide the speaker some moral support. It was her first time giving a talk. Anyway, Beth Helfter of EvaPaige Quilt Designs came to visit. Nancy and I love Beth. She is so funny. When I was Program Chair we had Beth for a talk and a little vending. I have tons of her patterns. I think Nancy might have all of them.

Nancy and I, Nancy's sister, Barbara and Emily contributed to the quilt that became the pattern cover for Syncopated Ribbons. That was pretty cool for us to participate in. Beth is such a sweetie.

Okay - I'm tripping down memory lane. I had actually forgotten about that until I was typing this post. I wonder if I still have the picture she sent us. I know we have changed computers.

I think that is it for today. I do feel pretty good about getting things done. I do think as I am out and about tomorrow doing errands and such that I will hit the quilt shop. Whoa....what? Well, I have gift certificates! But you know...I could just be going in to say hi to Sue. Okay...that and browsing. hehe

Did you do any fun stuff today? Hope so. Share if you'd like!

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