Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February UFO Challenge Finish(es)

Wow! I was browsing the blogs earlier and discovered Judy had posted the UFO challenge today and had made a change so that it would appear on the last day of the month from now on. Actually that's fine because she also has the Color Palette challenge going on each month. It probably is less confusing all around.

So I had to finish my UFO #1 this morning. It has been taunting me on the couch in the den for a couple of days. I needed to adjust the corners on the binding so it wouldn't be off. I tend to slip off beyond 1/4 inch each and every time. It is starting to annoy me!!!! So needless to say I ran down to the studio and fixed the offenses and then proceeded to finish the binding! Phew!!!

So here is my UFO #1 finish for February: Poodles Noel (sorry, it is a little crooked! hehe)

It still needs a little bedazzling so later on this year I will work on adding crystals to it. Just to give it some sparkle!!! I'm pretty happy with as I quilted it myself. not the greatest quilting but I'm still in my learning curve and I saved a little money!

I did not mean to be an overachiever this month in terms of the UFO projects but I did manage to finish #10 also and before #1. Crazy, I know! Well, I wanted new placemats for the table when we eat. I've been using the same Pier One placemats since 2001 that I bought when I lived in San Diego. I think I was due for a change.

Yes, there are 4 placemats! Bright, hmmm! I love the coffee bean fabrics and I wanted to use them all together. The pattern was perfect for it.

And...because I can do some pretty crazy things, the placemats are reversible and this is the backing fabric. My husband loves this side. So this side is dinner and the coffee beans are breakfast.

So Judy picked #8 (or maybe it was Speck or Vince) for March and when I looked at the list I realized I needed to change. So I'm going to go back and adjust and since my husband's birthday is in a couple of weeks I'm going to make him his quilt.

It is now snowing for what is promised to be a 30 hour event of snow. Darn it all. I'm ready to go back to my lake house! The ground is not frozen and it is supposed to rain on Saturday so perhaps the 6 - 10 -12 inches (we sometimes get more because of our location) will be gone or almost gone.

Today was Leap Bee Day but the kids are on vacation, Zeus not 100%, and Nancy had been sewing at home since 7:30 this no bee today! Now that it is snowing I don't think they'll pop in for a visit which was an option. So that's what is going on here today.

Hope you are all having a fine day. Go on over and visit Amy at During Quiet Time and also, Little Miss Shabby. There is a Superior Thread giveaway. I personally love Superior Thread. I have lots...lots!!!!


  1. But we did have a nice visit in the and Zeus. Great cookies to be had by the humans and a ravenous Zeus....poor Debbie, Zeus is taking meds that make him so hungry , she is lucky she still has fingers that can hold onto Milk Bones for him. Bee day was done separately today but things were done...but I have to go finish my borders and I will send a photo!!!

  2. This is so adorable. Great finish for February. JudyCnNC

  3. Some really love work finished this month. Nothing wrong with swopping the UFO's, I hope you manage to finish your husbands quilt in time.