Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tales from the hive

Nancy and the Z-man came over today. I felt a bit off my game today so I felt like I was moving in slow motion.

It seems like we did not sew as much although Nancy got two table toppers spray basted and was working on a baby quilt. She's got to get the one she was working on today done for the 19th, I believe. It is the same pattern she used to make her husband's quilt and actually in the same color way of Black & White fabrics with pops of color pinwheels. It will be a very cute baby quilt. Dare I say it....modern. hehe

I did manage to make my partner's bag for PP10. I'm happy about that and I will pick up some coordinating fabric in fat 1/4's to add to the bag. I'll mail it early next week.

I think it came out nice. I actually had purchased these two fabrics some time ago with the specific intent to make a nice Keyka Lou Bag. I was fortunate that I felt my partner's wishes would welcome this fabric. I sure hope so.

I think I've slowed down this month. I was so busy last month and I just haven't had the oomph to continue. Maybe it is spring fever. hehe Well, I must find my mojo quickly as I've got things to do.

I've got to do the UFO challenge which is quilting my Poodles Noel wall hanging. For some crazy reason I thought it was much bigger than it actually was so when I pulled it out this afternoon it was like an "ah hah" moment. Sheesh...I can do this. I think it might be a 28 inch square!

I've also got to do my little quilt for our auction at our Quilt Show in May. I have the perfect backing fabric for my art quilt that I made last October. I showed it to the the Little Quilt Chair on Friday and she seemed to like it. Hey if someone buys it....great. If not, I get my art quilt back. Win/win, if you ask me!
For the Guild...not so much, should no one purchase it.

I purchased some fabric for the backs of some placemats at my LQS last week and I was having buyers remorse today. Then I showed Nancy and she loved it. It will actually make the placemats reversible so we shall see. Based on the backing fabric there will be more quilting than I normally would do. Actually these are some other UFO challenge # but I'm really wanting to finish them up. So these will get done this month as well.

Does it seem like I'm actually doing quilting this year? That is my goal. To get better at quilting my own things. Bigger quilts will still go to the Longarmer but I certainly should be able to get smaller stuff done on my own.

Well, that is it from this end of the world today. Hope you all had a great day.

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