Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lazy kind of Sunday....

I got up way too early today. About 3:30 am. I could not sleep. I think I'm becoming an insomniac or something. I'll be exhausted in a couple of hours only to be wide awake at 9 pm and the bed will not be inviting. It is driving me a little bit nuts.

So...the Mr. is never idle. Ever. Yesterday he spent from 8 am to 4 pm thatching the lawn, raking all the thatch up and liming and fertilizing. Good thing we had some rain.

This morning it was raining. I could see he was getting bored. He was sitting outside and I asked him if he was watching the grass grow? hehe He told me he was going to pull out some dead azaleas. Hmmm.....

Do you see any azaleas around? I don't. Ummm...Jeff, the azaleas are in the front of the house!!! hehe

He moved boulders around and made himself a fire pit (of course it has been so dry we can't burn a thing right now!!) and is putting his arbor up. This cost about $65.00 to make and I was browsing the garden center at Lowe's the other day and they were selling arbors for $169 - $199.

It should be interesting to train the grapevines on this arbor. That will be his job, too! I'm keeping this guy. hehe He may always be moving and doing something or building something but I don't have too many complaints.

So what am I doing? I'm just simmering a mushroom pot pie on the stove. Saw this recipe on the Chew the other day. Mr. suggested that for dinner tonight. Smells hearty in the kitchen. I love mushrooms. I just have to add peas and heavy cream and put a pie crust on top.

All for now. I guess I'll go and check on the Mr. again. Have a good rest of the day.

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  1. It looks wonderful, I am hoping for leftovers!!!!