Friday, March 30, 2012

March UFO - One day to spare

I finished the March UFO. It is my husband's birthday present. His birthday was 17 days ago! It took me three weeks to put it together. Ridiculous. I have the backing to piece together and I will call to get it quilted.

I'm actually frightened by this quilt. Yep, I think it is scary!!! I know I've whined about it. I know quilting will make it wonderful and my husband will enjoy snuggling up with it at night while watching sports or some movie.

It's done. Strips cut out in November of 2008. Sitting in a project bin until March 2012. haha It was on the list for last years UFO challenge and I absolutely could not do it. Frankly, I will never make another lasagna quilt.

Lessons learned in March: I don't like making scrappy quilts. I like looking at others scrappy quilts but not my own.


  1. I think it looks great....and your hubby will snuggle in it no problem!!!! You just wait.....

  2. it is a bit wild, but i like it! what's a lasagna quilt?

  3. I also wondered what a lasagne quilt was. Hope your husband loves it, I think it looks amazing.

  4. OTL is very good - always off the list is better than in a bin. Wonderful finish. Judy C

  5. OH GReat job on your FINISH!! I am happy for you! Hope to see you at Quilt Monster in my Closet tomorrow for the Yester Year Challenge Linky Party!!! Great job finishing up a project from 2008!!!!