Thursday, March 1, 2012

Still snowing!

Although we did not have our normal bee day yesterday, we were both productive individual worker bees.

Nancy did come over with Zeus a little after 3 pm for Show & Tell. We had coffee and cookies, too!

Nancy has been working on this project for some time. She has been feverishly working to get it finished so it can go to the Longarmer (who does spectacular work) for quilting.

Here's the sneak peek of what she had done at 3 pm yesterday. Try to disregard the clash of my quilt in the background!!!

Believe me, when this quilt is done it will be spectacular!

Our Guild had our first quilt show in 2009 and Nancy had done a quilt and it won a Blue Ribbon. We were so excited for Nancy. The picture is not the quilt she did but the pattern. She did hers in blue work and the embroidery and the fabrics were spectacular. The quilting made that quilt the stunning beauty it is today. (I'm sure there is a picture of the quilt somewhere and it might be on my laptop but for now...)

Of course, I am doing this quilt in red work and it is a very slow process for me. hehe I should put it on my UFO list. I think I have six blocks embroidered. I do not have a wall big enough to hang a quilt this size. mind is thinking. Maybe it will be summer project to figure out.

So...still snowing this morning. Poor husband had to get up and snowblow instead of hitting the treadmill. He made it to work but said the roads were iffy at best. It is supposed to snow all day long so I probably won't go out and shovel/snowblow until mid afternoon.

Checked my e-mail and Nancy had sent me pictures of her quilt - the borders are on!

Here's one of the corners. Nice orange and yellow pinwheels. So cute!!

Nancy wants to put this quilt in our upcoming Quilt Show so it will be quilted soon. I know it will be fabulous.

I guess I'll get myself together and head down to the studio and line up my March projects. I've also decided that I will host my family for Easter so I must get invites designed and sent and start the planning for festive Easter fun!!!

Have a great day, everyone. Hopefully the sun is shining where you are!!!

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  1. Great work. You girls are so productive! How fun.

    And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!! I appreciate it. For some reason, your comment came up as a 'no-reply'. I thought I had been able to reply to you before...Oh well. Thank you!