Friday, March 2, 2012

Zeus - Runs on Dunkin

A Friday funny! This was in my e-mail box today from Nancy.

Pretty funny (okay, maybe just for Nancy and I)!!!

In weather news it finally stopped snowing. Holy mackerel! We got 12 inches or more. Its freezing cold outside. I'm tired of putting shovel to deck. 3 times with the last being this morning. I only had to snowblow the driveway once as hubby did it yesterday morning so he could drive to work. He did shovel the driveway and walkway again last night. Enough to shovel but not enough for the snowblower.

Okay...stop whining. I seriously dislike winter and we've been so spoiled this year. To have it arrive in March is just a huge slap in the face, if you ask me!!!

Have a good day everyone.


  1. Tracie thought it was funny too. She just loves Zeus!!! and those were her tools, and coffee!!

  2. I love dogs. So. Much. Ahhh... What a sweetie. And I totally agree about having winter in March!!!!! Sorry. At least it usually melts pretty quickly.