Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A special day at the Hive

Today was a very special day for Nancy and I. We have had e-mails back and forth. I made sure Nancy was getting over here early today. I'm such a task master! haha Well, we were expecting a visitor. A special visitor.

We've been fans of our guest for over two years. She runs the best swap and we knew we lived not so very far from each other. We tried to get together last year but we could never pull it off. We met today. It was a short visit but now we will plan something so that we can spend a little more time chatting. We did capture the moment in film much to our guest's chagrin. We all hate pictures! hehe

Who's the guest you might be wondering? It's Amy from During Quiet Time. Penny came too. She's wicked cute. She liked M&M's!!!

So we snapped these quickly as Amy had to head back to the rest of her family. This is me - the giant redwood next to Amy and Penny. I tried to srunch down so I could be tiny. I don't think it worked!

Here's Nancy with Amy and Penny. Much better pic and I took it! You know me and the camera. Sometimes I just can't get it right! Thankfully....this time I did.

It was really great to meet you and Penny today, Amy!!! We'll have to do it again soon.

Yes, Virginia, people on the internet do exist!!!!

After Amy left we had to force ourselves to go and sew. I did pretty much nothing. I think I am still crashed from my 4 day sewing spree. I actually sewed little triangles together that were left over from my BUBK block. Why? I guess so I could say I did something! I picked out fabric for my block of the month at guild.

Okay....lazy me!

Nancy worked on her grocery bag (although it is too nice to be that) and then we got hungry. It was almost 2 pm at this point. Nancy brought pastrami and it was so delicious. I had not had that in a long time. I might have to buy some now. It was that good.

So that was the day. It was a good one.

What did you do today? The Z-man was in the house and here's what he did. Of course this was when he wasn't attacking me for milkbones!

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  1. Thank you again for the lovely visit! I really enjoyed meeting both of you and the drive isn't too bad so we will definitely have to do it again.