Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tales from Nancy's hive

It is school vacation week here. Nancy has a million things going on. So....she asked if I wanted to come over to her hive on Wednesday. I said sure and asked if I had to work. Yes, I did. Hmmmm... Mind you this did not mean sewing of any kind.

Nancy has this lovely section of fenced in yard that has been repaired by the wonderful Tracie.

So what we needed to do was clear out this wild mint or something that had overtaken the whole place. Ummmm....okay. So Nancy, Barbara, and I were working it. Tracie was building raised beds so that Nancy and the kids can play around with veggies. Cool. We were digging the darn mint. Digging out strawberries so they did not get trampled.

She worked us hard. Even Taylor had to work - he was "Barrow Boy". We killed him with hard work. Notice Zeus sitting in the van. He knew it was Wednesday and he was supposed to be somewhere else. Somewhere where Milkbones flow freely!!!

We worked hard. We had lunch. Em made us cupcakes. Tracie made a pyramid for the strawberries. It was wicked cool.

After lunch, Nancy and I went to Lowe's. No pictures but you should have seen us gathering 3 64 qt bags of soil - those are heavy! Two bags of mulch, organic weed paper for the raised beds, some pins to hold down the weed paper and two clematis. It took two of us just to push the cart. We were laughing. I'm sure we were a sight.

After we got back I needed to leave to come home and cook dinner. Nancy (I'm assuming) got the strawberries back into the ground. She needs a few more. They are supposed to spill over and you won't see the wood. I can't wait for that.

So, today, 6 advil later, I'm doing fine. I was a bit afraid I was not going to be able to get out of bed this morning. hehehe Maybe next week we will be back to quilting.

I've got to put a sleeve on a quilt and a label as well. It is going to be in our Quilt Show which is one week away. YIKES!!!!

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  1. Hello! What a fun read. Makes me chuckle thinking of all of you doing that. Great pics. Especially Zeus. Love the cute little triangle strawberry bed!! :)