Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where are the tales?

Nancy and I did have tales last week but I forgot to post. She had bindings to machine stitch on 3 quilts and I was still working on the lasagna quilt. Zeus was unable to settle in during the day. He wanted treats, treats, treats. When Nancy turned on her machine he settled in - for a short period of time. Did we get a lot done? Nope!!! However, we got enough done.

As previously mentioned, I finally finished the lasagna quilt. After linking into Judy L's blog with the picture/post for the March finish I had a couple of comments about the quilt. The quilt is from Karen Atkinson's book. Lasagna Quilt is the name of it because...I suppose...the pieces of fabric resemble lasagna noodles.

My husband loved the quilt. I took my fabric inspiration (if we can call this quilt inspired although in 2008 it was inspiring!!!) from a very graphic and colorful acrylic in our tv room. My fabrics represent all the colors in the print.

I've mentioned that I don't particularly like this quilt. It is true. The bottom line is that my husband loves it and when it is quilted it will look far better than it does now. It is a finish and I have an empty project bin.

Judy's challenge number for April is #10. Well the goddesses have taken pity on me. I finished my #10 in January so instead of doing something else from the challenge list this month, I will work on the mystery quilt from last year that is supposed to go on my bed. A good plan. Actually, a very good plan.

I've got a couple of little things to do - the BOM for our Guild; Joanna's block for Bee Unique Bee Knotty. This is the last block swap for this particular Flickr group. I also am doing the Table Top Swap on Flickr and must make 4 napkins for my partner. The plan is in my head. I'm good with the napkins.

So here we are today. Today's title would be Zeus tales. Our wonderful dog is not feeling well. He was in the ER last night getting treated for an illness. Poor Nancy...she sounded very tired on the phone, seems to have a cold plus allergies.

I tidied up the studio this morning to make us more comfortable. I pulled fabric for the Guild BOM and discovered I am so weak in the white fabric department. I may go visit Sue at the Quilt Shop. I don't feel like sewing. I have Joanna's block to do for BUBK but...I don't feel like sewing.

So there are really no tales from the hive today! I'm sure by noon I will figure out that I must do something with my day.

In other news...hubby and I have a new roommate. Yes, my son moved back in on Monday night. He=is roommate is going south to Florida. They were both going to have to move mid-May anyway. They lived at the beach and the summer season will be starting and big rents come into play. We are in the throes of adjustment here. Not used to having anyone else in my house during the day except on Wednesday when Nancy is here. I hate closing my bedroom door during the night when sleeping. I feel all closed in. However, we are back to that again. When do adult children finally grow up these days anyway? So....what's a Queen to do? I am doing a lot of deep breathing. haha

Easter is coming and I am having 16 for dinner. I'm okay except for a vegetable. I just cannot decide what the heck to make. I want to try to accommodate everyone but how many vegetables can I cook to go with spiral ham and potatoes? I like asparagus. How much asparagus does one buy for 16 people? hehe I'll figure it all out.

Who's on Craftsy? I joined in the fall but haven't done much with it. I get the newsletters and various e-mails. I've missed some good sales for the online classes. Until today. The classes are 80% off until Saturday. I just had to bite the bullet. So I signed up for 2 - free motion quilting and stupendous stitching which is an art quilt class. Regularly $59.99 the classes were $14.99 each. Fabulous deal. They never expire and you always can refer back to them.

Why these two classes? I want to improve my free motion quilting this year. Art quilting - well, that is really what I want to do. So I'm psyched about having these two classes at my fingertips for when I have time to play.

I received my pattern from BasicGrey in the mail yesterday. Thank you, thank you! Thanks to Amy of During Quiet Time for hosting the giveaway. I received the pattern I wanted - Zig Zag and was very excited. I really like how they write their patterns, too. Nice little booklet.

So...that's about it for today. Not really a whole lot going on here. I really should be appalled at myself but I'm not. LOL

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