Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A week's worth of tales!

Wow, where to begin? Nancy and I did not get together last week as we were doing our stuff at our individual hives. However we decided to meet up on Thursday as she was going to take the t-shirt quilt to our Longarm friends. So...on Thursday we went up to see Celeste and Donna. Oh they have a nice little studio for their stuff. Two dogs - one tried to bite me! I shied away from him/her. I don't know but he/she was certainly grumpy.

So we chatted about Nancy's quilt and she had our friend, Sue's quilt on the Longarm. Sue owns our LQS. We love her. Then I mentioned that I had this really ugly quilt that needed to be quilted. I told her what it was all about. It was actually, the lasagna quilt that I made my husband for his birthday in March and it was also the UFO challenge for March. She said she was going to be at Sue's on Wednesday, the 30th, and I could drop it off and she'd take it. Cool. I had a backing but I did not like it so I was going to hit the shop to see about a one piece backing before the 30th.

After we left Donna & Celeste's we went over to Tracie's house. Tracie is Nancy's handy gal extraordinaire. What a great house they have! It is a 200 year old or so house and they have a barn. I was reminded of Judy Laquidara's great place in Texas but this is not on that grand scale. Lets see...a Great Dane, who was absolutely adorable. I could have taken her home. Two horses, two alpacas, roosters (crowing away) and chickens, geese, another older dog of some mix, flowers, potting shed, and a little garden for veggies. I was a happy little clam visiting. Nancy was picking up some transplanted irises and compost for her raised beds. Fortunately I had flip flops on so I did not have to shovel compost!!! Lucky me. I did come home with a chocolate mint plant. Smells sooo good. I had a good time visiting Tracie. I will have to go again.

Then I came home. I was just slouching along with my day. I planned to go to the groery store on Friday. Slim pickings in the house but I was getting sick of going to the store. The roommate is eating us out of house and home. Yes, my son.

I went to the drycleaners to pick up shirts and stopped at the Big Lots store because they had water on sale. My husband texted me to check my email. What? I'm at the store. He then texts and said we were going to the lake Thursday night. I hemmed about this because I had not grocery shopped, I was not prepared and I had not bought an anniversary card for him. He was not packed as he was leaving for Europe on Saturday for 2 weeks. Hmmmmmmm.....

Okay...I got over myself and sucked it up. The boy said he'd fend for himself as he was not going to be here much with his work schedule. Okay. My husband's boss gave him the day off so we could be together as he was going to miss our anniversary and be in Europe on the holiday. That was so nice.

Weekend was fine until he left. I ate at the neighbors on Saturday night. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law stopped in on Sunday with their dog. That was nice, too. You know, you can only talk to yourself for so long before you bore yourself to death! hehehe Actually, I was reading like a madwoman. I downloaded a bunch of freebies on the Kindle to keep myself entertained.

I did go to the 15 minute parade on Monday with my lake neighbors and longtime friends. Bob is a Selectman so he was marching in the parade. Then there was a little ceremony at the town hall that we attened. It was all very nice and I can't recall the last time I was at a parade. The weird part was the boy scouts and blue bonnet kids (I don't think they were girl scouts because they were wearing blue). They were throwing candy at the crowd. (not that it was a huge crowd!) I asked Susan if they thought this was a Mardi Gras parade. Honestly...either I'm old or that was just weird. The street was littered with candy!

Wow....that's a lot to say. Who's reading the Debbie diaries anyway? hehehe

Hit the quilt shop yesterday and Sue helped me pick out a backing (orange, of course) and helped me square it up and I bought batting and left it for Donna to pick up today. Check one quilt off the needs to be quilted list. Yay!!!

Today we should have done something. We consulted and we ate lunch. We are terrible. We did discuss our Table Top Swap options. Table mats or table runners. I think we are set with that.

Nancy's t-shirt quilt was being dropped off at the quilt shop all completed. Wow! We dropped it off Thursday, the 24th and it is done today! Awesome. So while we thought we were waiting for Donna or Sue to call, we entertained my friend, Zeus.

We finally called Sue and she said the quilt was dropped off. So Nancy left to go and get her quilt. She took the Z-man with her.

So the end of the month is upon us. I did not get my UFO number done but I might work on that next week. I've got a pinwheel block to make and I've got my design figured out. I've decided on my table runner for my partner and just have to choose fabric. Life is good. Except that my husband is in Europe. Work...gets in the way of life sometimes. What can one do?

Hope you have all been more productive than Nancy and I. I told her next week we have got to get our groove back.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you are all alone! I hate it when Mark has to travel. Fortunately, it is rare. I wish I already had my plan for my TTS partner. Turns out I can't make any decisions on this one!