Thursday, May 31, 2012

The grape arbor

Back in the winter months, my husband built a grape arbor. There were no real inside projects to be done here at the Blueberry House so he was compelled to build something for outdoors. It is coming along with leaves.

When Nancy and I visited Tracie last week I noticed that she, too, had an arbor and upon inspection noticed that she had little baby clusters of grapes. That got me to thinking. When I returned from my lake house on Monday I decided to inspect the progress and sure enough, there were a couple of baby clusters. I emailed my husband to tell him of the success and he instructed me to order the wine barrels and the barefoot maidens! hehe He is so silly. I don't know about stomping Concord grapes.

There was some bush that grows purple berries in the fall growing right at one of the bases of the arbor so I went out today to chop it down. These things are invasive and grow huge. The birds like them but believe me when I tell you the birds will not go hungry because I chopped down this one little bit.

I decided to see if I could get a picture of the baby grapes to send to my husband. It is not that great but it was really hard to get a picture of it but if you look really hard in the upper right next to the narrow piece of wood - baby grapes!

There is one other cluster that I saw but it did not show up in the picture. I noticed that these grapevines are all over the place and we're going to have to do some dirty work to train them up the arbor. I'll save that for him. It is, after all, his project!!!

Judy L. pulled the UFO challenge number and it is 12. When I looked to see what was on my list, I discovered that it was to make a table topper in Patriotic colors. Perfect timing and I can do this in the month of June. I can probably get May's # done as well.

Hope you're all having fun.

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