Friday, June 15, 2012

Am I becoming a techno geek?

Well, still not a whole lot going on here but things are looking up. Hopefully next week will be a very, very productive week. That's my plan.

I got an early birthday present yesterday. Way early - my birthday is at the end of July! My husband presented me with an iPad2. Oh my....lucky, lucky me.

Seriously, though in the last 4 years my birthday presents have been: a laptop, a Kindle and now an iPad. hehe I must be becoming a geek. hahaha

In other aunt did pass away and it was sad but one of her granddaughters is getting married tomorrow and I think that will be a wonderful time. They are getting married in Boston and it is supposed to be a glorious weekend. My aunt would want it to be a joyous occasion.

My son is off to buy a new car. I hope that all works out for him. What a week this has been with his indecision and inability to hear what his parents are saying. Well, he's 32 - a grown man. Time to find out what life is all about.

Hello, to my friend, Linda, from California. I'm glad you dropped in. Now you can see how I manage my life since I moved! It is a little bit crazy sometimes.

Have a great weekend....

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