Thursday, June 7, 2012

In other news

My husband has been away for nearly two weeks on business. Long trip and it is starting to wear on me. Why is it when things are going along fairly well, a key component leaves the home base and the you know what hits the fan? Honestly....

Last week the lawnmower broke during the mowing. We have a lot of lawn and my husband likes it neat and tidy and green. Well, fortunately I was able to reach the husband and due to the time difference that can be difficult. No need for a new lawnmower. Take it to get fixed. By the time I had found someone to fix it my son had nearly fixed it. He apparently inherited some skills from my husband. Good to know.

I went to the lake by myself over the weekend because I needed to attend a meeting. It was raining so hard that after the meeting I came home. It was chilly as well and I did not want to be cooped up in the house. Plus, my brother was visiting from California for the weekend and I wanted to see him.

Had a lovely turkey dinner at my sister's house on Sunday with my brother and my parents. Good time.

Shortly after midnight on Sunday my cell phone was ringing. It was my son saying he was on his way home from work and got stuck on a flooded road. He apparently got through and out of the water but the car died. Police helped him push it to the side. He waited for a wrecker and kept texting me. Every time I nodded off the phone rang. Long night for all.

Long story short, the car that was a little over a year old was a total loss. Salt water is not good for a car. So we've been dealing with that all week. He has a rental until tomorrow and I'm trying very hard to get him to wait on buying another car until his father gets home. The insurance company was very good about the whole thing and he did get book value, less a deductible, for the car.

Son and I have a rocky relationship. I suppose that is not a surprise. I make snarky comments about things all the time. He won't listen to reason sometimes and storms out. When I tried to have a conversation with him last night, again about waiting for his father, he stormed out of the room.

So, as my husband is set to return tomorrow the tension is raised to a higher level in my house. My son is 32 years old. Not overly ambitious, a bit entitled (more than a bit, actually), and generally, a pain in the you know what.

Sometimes it is just stressful here. I hate it.

We recently learned that my aunt has lung cancer. Yesterday I learned that she is in the hospital and doesn't have long to live. That was a blow to my mother and to all of us, actually.

Today I am holding a Board meeting for my Guild. We have one touchy issue but the rest should be a piece of cake. My fingers are crossed.

I'm looking forward to my husband returning. We will have some quiet time this weekend. It is supposed to be fairly decent weather. It should be nice.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Blog with me. I will tell the other girls in San Diego about it! We miss you!