Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Tales - Separate Hives

A lot going on here and I could not focus on having a mutual tales meeting. Frankly, I felt a little brain dead after all the swaps left my house. So Nancy and I were going to do our own thing but be productive at the same time.

On Tuesday I put away a ton of stuff in the studio. I have an almost Eleanor Burns type style when I am working on a project. Every scrap of fabric not used gets tossed onto my counter behind me. kind of piles up, if you know what I mean. Paperwork, patterns, fabric....a real hot mess!!! So I put all the fabric in their proper bins. I tidied up the paperwork. There is a heck of a lot more to do but it looks better.

The swaps are done for the summer. I sent off the angel package for QJRR on Tuesday. I should receive one more package for that group and who knows when it will arrive. It could be next week. It could be 3 months from now. Hard to say. I will be ready to do it when I get it and will happily send it to the owner, Deanna.

I did pull out the May UFO project which was two Christmas table runners but I really wanted to do something patriotic. I decided I would do the patriotic (which also happens to be the June UFO challenge). So I went downstairs and searched for enough fabric to make two toppers. I want to make one for my friend at the lake.

I did cut out enough for two except that I did not have enough of a certain fabric for two. So I did have to zoom to the LQS to look for something a little sparkly but patriotic. I found something and only bought a 1/4 yard. I did not need much.

While on my break to the LQS I decided I would check out the new grocery market that opened. I thought I might have been crazy to go on opening day but I decided to give it a go. I had to park farther than I wanted to (which, of course, would limit purchases) but when I arrived I fell in love. The Fresh Market. Oh my goodness...what a wonderful store. It is a bit on the expensive side but there was so much in there to look at. I had a couple of sample nibbles while I was there. Yum...lunch. A little sip of some juice and a piece of cheese. Trust me - delicious. I succumbed to the cheese and its little dip - something like a peanut butter with a cookie crunch. Biscoff or some such thing. Well, I will be back there soon. Lots of organic, too!

Back home, I made a salad and went back downstairs to make table topper 1. I love this pattern. It takes about 2 hours to make - cutting, piecing and putting all together. I might be stretching the time. It is so easy.

I have the other one already started and I need about an hour this morning to put it all together. I must quilt and bind them both. I'll quilt them and then bind my friends first so she has it. I'll be ready for the 4th of July with mine.

Meanwhile, at Nancy's house....she decided she needed to make a baby quilt asap. This was a planned project that was put on the back burner but needs to be done now.

The following pictures are the progress and top finished. I love it. Nancy sent me the finish email and said it was 11:20 pm. Yep, pm!!! She must be exhausted.

Nice work, Queen Peach!!!! I love it.

And....a Wednesday would not be complete without a pic (or 2) of our pal, Zeus.

Off to work on my 2nd topper. Hope you all have a great day.

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