Monday, June 25, 2012

A finish

I've just returned from the post office. I mailed my table runner out to my partner. I'm relieved that it is finished and mailed and I wish that I had been able to keep to my original goal of the 15th. Life just got in the way. So, a 10 day setback. What can one do?

I am in deep fear that my partner will not like what I've made. I know I said I thought that I had scared a lady in the quilt shop when I bought the fabric. I even second guessed myself for a second when bits and pieces were on the design wall. When I stepped back, I was smitten! My husband liked it and once again asked why it was not going to live at our house!!! I love him - good for my confidence.

The pattern was a freebie from Art Gallery Fabrics called French Braid Mini. It looked easy to make and it was. It went together quickly and I did not have screwed up points. A good thing!

I'm hopeful that she likes the table runner. I have enough fabric left that I might make one for myself.

It was so hot last week. We were at the lake over the weekend and Friday was so terrible that even a boat ride could not cool you off. It was plain nasty. The heat finally seemed to break yesterday but it has rained all day today and it is thundering in the distance now. All this crazy weather. Also, when I got home yesterday my hibiscus plant had tons of yellow leaves on it. It was perfectly fine on Friday. I'm not sure if it will survive but I'll keep my eyes on it. Watching plants die is not fun.

I forgot to show a picture of the chairs my husband bought a couple of weeks ago. Can you guess which are the new ones? hehe

Nancy sent me a picture of her first harvest over the weekend. It was impressive.

Yes, I am jealous. Those radishes would not have made it to a photo shoot! I love radishes.

Well, that is about it from this end. One final little thing to finish up and mail tomorrow and then I may actually be project and deadline free for the summer. I think it is time for a break and I'll spend a little time learning and doing some things I've been putting off making. Sounds like a plan.

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