Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well, now!  I'm trying again here.  I can't post a title but I'm going to keep going.

Today was Hive Day.  It was a good one.  Nancy and I are in Table Top Swap on Flickr run by our good friend, Amy, of During Quiet Time.  We are in round 2 and I've had a secret for quite a while.  Amy had Nancy for a partner and we schemed on what Amy should make.  Well, natch, she made a beautiful table runner and marked it as sent over a week ago.  Nancy has whined about loving that table runner so much.  hehehehe  Little did she know....

Amy came up today with the kids and hand delivered Nancy's table runner.  We were not too smart with pictures but I did get this smiling pic of Nancy with a partial look at the runner.  Oh Debbie and her camera skills!!!!!

Doesn't she look happy?  It was a really good surprise.  I had to make sure she was here on time today and instructed her where to park in the driveway.  I think she thought I was just being bossy!!!!

So not only did Nancy get her table runner but Amy made me a gift, too!  I really did not do anything to deserve a gift but I am ever so appreciative of having a creation by Amy.  I love it.  It is perfect and I will be using it when I bind my table runner in the next few days!

Cool, isn't it?  Lucky me!!!

Amy brought cookies, too!  Delicious.  Her children were so funny.  They were delightful.  Nancy and I will be looking forward to the next visit but I believe we will drive to visit Amy and family.   It is our turn now!

After Amy and the kids left, Nancy and I had to calm down from our visit.  Okay....we needed to sew.  Well, I for sure did!  I have not had one day of peace this month that I could actually focus on a project.  I needed to work on my table runner.   I'll show a preview pic....(Warning: bright and wild - Okay!  To me it is!)

It is just after 7 pm and it is all pieced together and I did an excellent job with the points if I do say so myself.  I even made the binding and it, too, is ready to go when I get to that point. 

When I first got it up on the design wall I was not sure.  I don't think Nancy was either.  Until we stepped back.  It really is cool!   I like it so much I might make one block for myself as a table topper.  It is 2 - 20 inch blocks. know me - always making something that is definitely outside of some people's comfort zones!   hehe  I still think I scared a woman in the quilt shop when I was buying the fabric. 

It was a good day.  I'm glad to have had it.  I really needed it.  I need batting which I will pick up tomorrow.  I have table runner batting but it is not wide enough.  Oh well.  I'd like to finish and get it in the mail by next Tuesday.  That's my goal.

Hope you all had fun today, too! 

Not liking how I had to type this post.  Maybe blogger will be better tomorrow.

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  1. I'm so glad you like your pincushion. Thanks for helping me scheme. At least you got a picture. I can't believe that my camera had no battery! Ugh. Thank you again for hosting us. It was fun. And no, Penny refused a nap again and went to bed at 6:30 in tears of exhaustion. Fun.