Thursday, June 21, 2012 is working again!!!

Just checking to see if this is working today. It is. Technology is not my strong suit despite all my techno toys!

Man, is it hot out! Holy smokes it is supposed to be a 100 degrees today. It was 95 yesterday. I got up this morning and it was 79! Phew....toasty warm.

Lots to do today. Go to the dump - boring. Go to the Quilt Shop - fun. It is my mother's birthday so I will be making a stop there as well and I think I'll bring my camera to capture a picture or two of my new kitty sister, Daisy. She really is cute! Tiny, too!

I think summer is going to be stress free from swaps so I'm going to start off next week with cleaning out my studio and reorganzing. It is such a mess. Then I am going to make my list of summer projects that will be started immediately the big clean!

One of the things I really want to do this summer is the class I bought on Craftsy. Stupendous Stitching. I really want to be in the right mindset for that before I start. Fingers crossed that I can get to that point without a lot of outside distraction. You know that outside distraction stuff tends to creep up! Lately it is all I've had going on but things are looking up!!! Thank goodness.

That's it from my end....Stay cool out there people. It is hotter than H E 2 Sticks!

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