Friday, August 17, 2012

Backing away from the cliff's edge

There is a Quilt Show in Manchester this weekend. It actually started yesterday. The Mancuso World Quilt Show. Comes every year in August. This year our Guild's raffle quilt is there for the 4 days. I had to work the raffle table with Nancy at 4 pm yesterday. I had told my members I would come early with some things that needed to be left there - white gloves, pens. That kind of thing. Yes, I had to coordinate the 4 days of volunteers and it was a big tough job.

I wandered into the first hall to look at the quilts. No, I was not planning to shop. I have to tell you that just looking at the quilts and the workmanship was pure therapy. It was a very calming experience. Foolishly, I forgot my camera. However, everyone knows I am a terrible photographer so I guess I've saved myself and anyone else who might look at this blog! hehe

I must say that the quilts from England, Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, South Africa (there are more countries) are so mindblowing spectacular that I just wonder where they get all the creativity. I really like the quilts that are embellished with beads and sparkly stuff. Really makes the quilts sing. I love that!!!!

Seriously though, these quilts are so impressive. I also paid particular attention to quilts made of solid fabrics. I looked closely at the quilting and I thought to myself that I could certainly do things like that. It was quite inspiring to be there and I was certainly in a good mood when it came time to sit and sell raffle tickets.

I met up with my hexagon crazed mother at the Show. She has taken to liking English paper piecing and she's been making all those grandmother's flowers. So she was on the hunt for books, patterns, etc. for projects and idea. She had seen a vendor and brought me back to see. She was looking at one particular pattern that had 1/4 inch hexagon templates. I thought it was a pattern that had a color scheme that she liked so I picked that one. She bought it. 1/4 inch templates! Holy smokes. That is an obsession!

Mom left and I was running out of shopping time so I decided to breeze through the aisles and look. I was so surprised to come across Sew Fresh Fabrics as one of the Vendors. I popped into the space and when the woman was free I said to her that I believed we had a mutual friend, Amy, of During Quiet Time fame!!! I don't usually do that kind of thing. I'm glad I did though.

It was really nice to meet her and I did buy a yard of fabric and a charm pack. I bought a one yard piece of fabric from the Kona Modern Quilts line that I had seen on Amy's blog last month. You can see it here I must make something cool with it. My husband loved it also.

Anyway....I'm stepping away from the cliff. It is the weekend and I will spend time with my husband and my friends. I will be at the Quilt Show on Sunday. I am inspired to take on some project with fabric next week.

If you live in or near Manchester, NH, you should try to find time to visit the Mancuso World Quilt Show at the Radisson Hotel on Elm St. If nothing else you will be awed and inspired by the talent in the world.

Have a great weekend!

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