Friday, August 31, 2012

What happened to August?

Honest to Pete!!!!! The whole month has gone by. I give myself a big fat F for the month. I give myself an A for continuing to make purchases of fabric. SIGH

There has been so much going on and I've been quite scattered. I did not make a block for Texting While Sewing. I did manage to buy one little piece of text fabric at the World Quilt Show in the middle of the month. You see, I am not a big internet shopper. I like to touch and feel fabric. I can fall in love with fabric in pictures but it just looks and feels so much better in person. That is just me....what can I say?

I am in the Rainbow Charm Swap on Flickr. I thought it was pretty funny that I got green as my color but I'm okay with it. I like green, too! I have had the 2 yards of fabric cut into 5 inch charm squares for over a week. I did pick up my envelopes to mail it but that is as far as I got. Maybe today I will get it in the mail.

I just received my partner for the next round of Table Top Swap. It is always exciting to get a secret partner and plan for the project. I'll stalk over the weekend and next week check the fabric store in my studio! We're making little baskets this time around. Something new and different.

I've been busy with my Quilt Guild and I've been busy with my Association at the Lake. I can never sit idle in an organized group and therefore I am the President of my Quilt Guild and a Director in my Association. These two groups have kept me rather busy in August.

Nancy and I have not had a day of Quilting since....when was that Nancy? hahaha Life, you know. Summers! They get in the way.

In the exciting department.....Nancy and I are attending our Guild's retreat next weekend. FUN!!!! We're leaving the husbands/kids home to manage the homefront. Woohoo!!!!!

In October we are going to attend the first meeting of the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild. Our good friend, Amy (of During Quiet Time), is hosting this with Sew Fresh Fabrics and Sew Me A Song. We are looking forward to that day!!!

Other than that....obviously...not much has been going on here. Seems mostly administrative. Next week - a new month and a fresh start. I think I need to go and sew every day. Even for 5 minutes.

Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone. Don't forget to watch for the Blue Moon tonight.

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  1. Wooo hoo for the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild! I can't wait either!