Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Sandy project

Fortunately we were spared the worst of the hurricane. It was terribly scary though. The wind was wicked. A couple of trees down but one was a neighbor's but most of it is in our yard and the other was a dead tree that no one will miss from the front hill. Well, the woodpeckers might miss it. Plenty more trees to peck at though.

It was amazing that we did not lose power. It flickered several times and we got a bit worried but it never actually went out. Lots of rain and it is still raining right now. Heavily, in fact.

My heart goes out to all the people who have suffered as a result of this devastating storm.
It really was/still is terrible.

The poor little kids will have trick or treat on Sunday, 11/4. Second year in a row we've moved Halloween. Something is just not right about that but safety first is the motto. As it should be.

So as I mentioned yesterday, I had planned ahead and whipped up a table runner to bind during the bad weather. I did finish this morning. Here she is staged with my Halloween flowers.

I also took a picture of the backing and the quilting.

I know people might think it is a lame table runner but it is the 4th one I've made like this and I really like how they look and feel. I think it is cool to take two pretty pieces of fabric and make them sing. It is the 1st one I've kept for myself. The two recipients of the last 3 were very happy to get them. They work. I like them.

Oh boy, now it is thundering and raining hard. I'd best get off the computer.

Have a good evening...

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