Monday, October 29, 2012

MIA - Again

No excuses as to why I have not posted since earlier in the month. I have been rather busy, though.

This post will be very short as I'm anticipating a power outage due to Hurricane Sandy. We are all set here and the hubby went to work. :( Now I read that our Governor has declared a State of Emergency and I also read that this storm is gaining strength. What the heck is up with the weather this year? This is seriously crazy.

Nancy and I whipped up (not without grumbling) three charity quilts last Wednesday with 9 patch blocks and embroidered blocks. The quilts, when finished, will most likely go to a nursing home. They are 48 inches square. We really had to be creative on one of them and Nancy had that under control. I added borders. I will post pics later in the week.

In anticipation of this storm I whipped up a table runner on Saturday. Well...two pieces of very pretty fabric and about 3 hours of straight line quilting. I made and attached the binding yesterday. I did start the hand stitching and will get back to that today. I want it on the dining table on November 1st and I have no doubt it will be finished no later than tomorrow.

This morning I whipped up a soup for dinner and a salad. We have a gas stove so if the power is out we will be able to manually light the burner to warm the soup. I also foolishly (although the traffic was unbelievably busy) zoomed over to the dry cleaners to drop off my husband's shirts! It was not bad out at 9 am and the cleaners is only 3 miles away. 10 minute trip!

This weekend is the meeting at the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild and I am going. After two months of waiting I missed the first meeting on the 20th because I double booked the day. I had to choose my husband and we went to our friends where we made 60 pounds of sausage (hot/sweet/russian). It was great fun but I missed going to the meeting. Now my freezer is full of sausage! About 27 pounds of it. Guess we are good for the winter!!! If one wants to eat sausage every day. Me....not so much!!! I must go and write to my husband to see if they are getting out early. He could easily have worked from home but he is a trooper (that's a safe word!).

Be safe everyone on the East Coast.

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  1. Winds are getting gusty here in W Nby! Eeeks. I don't like it. I insisted that Mark stay home and school is cancelled so we are here at least. Hang in there! See you this Sat!