Wednesday, December 26, 2012

50 Shades of Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We partied down on Christmas Eve with family and our close personal friends. The lad, our nephew and grandnephew (that makes me feel rather old) spent the night and we opened gifts in the morning with them. We had breakfast and the nephews departed onto more festivities and my son went back to bed for a nap! OY!! he departed for his home when he woke up and Jeff, the pup and I had a very quiet rest of the day. I even vacuumed and did laundry. Honest to Pete, that felt good and I never say that!

Here are some photos of the festivites:

Me, my son and the pup, and my husband. The nephews in the front!

Our good friends, Bob and Jan

The tree and associated goodies underneath!

One exhausted puppy!!!

As the title suggests there was a gift from my husband. Our 39 year old nephew was horrified. haha I am the cheapest person and while I wanted to read the Shades trilogy, I was seriously too cheap to buy them. $9.99 per book and that was on my Kindle. You know I'm very into the Pixel of Ink site on Facebook with my daily recommendations of free books.

So yes...I'm now the owner of my own collection of the 50 Shades. Hard to read with one eyeball on a book and the other on a puppy! I'm sure I will work it out. hehe

Expecting a big snowstorm tonight and tomorrow so the outside decorations have been removed. Tomorrow, since we will be housebound, we will put away the trees and the rest of the decorations. Back to normal...whatever the heck that is.

Do you find that after Christmas is over you still want to make things Christmas related? I do. This afternoon I watched an episode on HGTV that I had taped over the weekend and it was decorated celebrity homes. Kind of odd, I'm going to take my stuff down and I'm drooling over the things I'm seeing on television. Ahhh....well, there is next year.

Nancy had a good suggestion when I talked to her on Monday afternoon. Start decorating in October. I think I might be all on board with that. Time will tell. I'm not deleting that episode I just watched. haha

Well, that is about it from my end. Hopefully I will get to the studio tomorrow after decorations have been put away. I need to make a baby quilt and I really need to do it in the next couple of weeks. It is overdue and the baby came a couple of months early!

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  1. I sew Christmas things all year round! I say sew when the inspiration strikes.