Monday, January 21, 2013

In a major league funk

Geez, I just can't pull myself together to go down to my studio and sew. I guess it is like writer's block. I just cannot motivate myself. I am going downstairs to the studio today.

I think the problem started when we got the pup, who, still is cute as a button and brings us lots of joy. Right now he is in his crate, resting, so I can get a couple things done - like a shower (check) and get dressed (check) and do general business. I really hate putting dogs in crates. It is a me thing. I know they are safe and fine in them. So...I keep telling myself he's fine.

My house looks like a perpetual trash heap. This is so different from what we are used to and oddly, we are okay with it. hehe

The Patriots are not going to the Superbowl. Okay....I'm going to let Ray Lewis have his last day as a football player at the Superbowl. Not happy about it but I'm going to root for the 49ers!!!! Pure evil spite. I did not even watch the whole game last night. We are sad in Patriot nation though. Just a game...I know. :)

Anywho...I will probably have some sort of progress later today. My fingers are crossed.
I have been inspired just by buying the Quilty magazine. There's a quilt in there by Jacquie Gering that I absolutely love and will be putting it on my wishlist is a smaller version.

Okay....all for now. Have a great day.

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