Monday, January 7, 2013

Kitchen Disaster

It wasa football weekend and snacks tend to dominate us. Saturday I had something fairly healthy by serving a spicy jalapeño dip with veggies. I also put out a small wheel of Brie with crackers. Husband did not like the dip. I loved it. I'm a snacker!

Overnight I seemed to have caught some stomach bug which was not fun and interrupted my sleep from 3 am to 4 am. I was truly off my game today. So the husband dominated the appetizers. He made meatballs and put them in a cranberry sauce/chili sauce/hot sauce combo and placed them in the crockpot. They were very good.

I made guacamole and he said it was good. I did not eat it.

In the effort of health I made a soup - ribollita. It took a long time and looked just like the picture. I snagged the recipe from the Cooking Channel and more specifically the show, Extra Virgin. Unfortunately it was not tasty. Extremely earthy. Kale...that might have been it! I like earthy but this was simply awful. Oh well. It needed something to make it taste better but I could not figure out what that could be. Bacon? It was meatless but I like meatless.

In the trash this morning. It seems like a crime.

On the pup front, well, he is still challenging as we all get to learn about each other. He's getting better except I am trying to get him on a good twice a day feeding schedule and that is not going so well. He is a nibbler at best. We will get there. I must look into puppy training too. We all need it. haha

Perhaps there will be some quilting this week. I'm on a path to nowhere so I must get myself motivated. I'm struggling but the spark is still there so there is hope.

Hope you all have a good week.

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